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Twin Fusion is a customizable Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) suite packed with components necessary for industrial data migration and management. Managing Industrial Data involves, 

  • moving data from on-premises Data Historians into cloud-based Data Historians, 
  • dumping high volume and high-velocity data streams from Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) systems, and 
  • data integration into a single platform,
  • aggregation and data visualization

Building a one-stop solution center, like the Twin Fusion Suite, users gain a competitive edge in the market by providing seamless integration, aggregation, and analysis services with the packages bundled as a single collection. Twin Fusion reduces additional efforts to synchronize different applications used for a specific purpose in each phase of the Industrial Data Journey.

Migrate to Cloud Historian

IOT networks are separated from the Enterprise Network (EN) that gathers raw sensor data streams from hundreds of field sensors and writes it into the local Data Historians. Industrial data availability is available within the Operational Network (OT), and devices in the EN consume the industrial data through a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that sits as a gatekeeper between the OT and EN. 

EOT’s Twin Talk solution, a part of the Twin Fusion IDF, takes OT Network to the next level, creating internet gateways next to the DMZs and opening avenues for third-party applications and other mobile, web-based applications to request and get industrial data in real time.

Build an Industrial Lake

Data storage is fragmented into different data sources and the consolidation of all data points into a single data warehouse, otherwise called an Industrial Data Lake, is necessary. 

Data Lakes are more versatile and scalable storage solutions supporting structured and unstructured data types, eliminating the restrictions of a complex or traditional database schema storage techniques and replacing them with a simple JSON-based storage schema. Using the Twin Central component from the Twin Fusion suite, it is now possible to create the next generation Real time Industrial Data Lake.

Industrial Digital Twin

As a virtual replication of the physical assets, processes, or systems in industrial settings, Digital Twins help understand the characteristics and behavior of large-scale industrial assets. Industrial Data Lakes gets data from EOT’s Twin Talk platforms which then talks and exchanges data from one or more digital twins.

Digital Twins serve as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) of all industrial assets and their hierarchies upon which the data visualization or any data aggregation process works. Using Digital Twin industries focuses on optimizing the processes, improving asset performance, and controlling the capital cost.

We at EOT provide exceptional data integration services using our custom tailored Twin Fusion suite that helps in integration and exchange of data between industrial IoT systems and the Cloud infrastructure. 

To know more about our product “Twin Fusion”, reach out to us at eot.ai

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