Twin Fusion - EOT’s Industrial Data Fabric

Build your own operational cloud historian, industrial digital twin, or industrial data lake

If you are a CIO, chief architect, or chief data scientist of an industrial enterprise who struggles to modernize your operational and IT infrastructure or you want to build your own operational cloud historian, industrial digital twin, and industrial data lake to empower operations, reduce downtime and optimize productivity, then EOT’s Industrial Data Fabric provides you with an architecture that facilitates a no-code, intuitive abstraction layer and end-to-end integration of operational, engineering, transactional data sources through the use of EOT’s intelligent and automated integration products Twin TalkTM, Twin SightTM and Twin CentralTM.

EOT’s Industrial Data Fabric allows you to modernize your industrial OT and IT infrastructure with no tech debt, on an  enterprise-scale level and out-of-the-box.

Twin Fusion simplifies architecture which delivers rapid results. EOT’s Industrial Data Fabric enables

  • operational analytics, ML and visualization with Twin Sight
  • semantic enterprise asset data interconnection and modeling with Twin Central
  • operational data ingestion, curation and contextualization with Twin Talk.
Twin Sight – visualize and navigate through operational, asset model and analytics insights


Twin Sight is an intuitive, simple visualization tool and dashboard builder that provides fast, easy, and secure access to operational, engineering, transactional real-time data and semantic data. You can visualize operational data and semantic metadata in conjunction with analytics, ML insights for anomaly detection, production optimization, and operation monitoring and optimization across all production sites.

Twin Central – intuitive industrial digital twin builder that provides semantic asset modeling, mapping and management from operational, engineering and transactional metadata sources.

Twin Central is a intuitive approach to create and manage an asset-centric, single source of truth and semantic data model across the enterprise. Twin Central can create digital twin data models that map, connect, link, store, and synchronize relationships between assets and their operational, engineering and financial metadata using a unified digital twin relationship graph. 

Twin Talk – industrial data ingestion, curation, and contextualization platform


Twin Talk is a secure and scalable way to deliver operational data from SCADA systems and historians to the cloud. It enables cloud-based, event-driven, real-time architecture such as data lakes, mobile monitoring and surveillance apps and unlocks valuable insights from analytics, AI and machine learning. Twin Talk can be integrated with existing or new IT environments within weeks with minimal integration work and costs. It transforms a company into a proactive, event-driven enterprise.