Asset Model Explorer

EOT’s asset model explorer allows operators to seamlessly monitor industrial assets that are managed by incompatible, disjoint SCADA systems and historians as the single source of truth. Energy operators can now establish an Enterprise Digital Twin and monitor industrial assets across siloed, incompatible SCADA systems and historians.

EOT’s Asset Model Explorer (AME) is a system specifically designed to navigate and explore diverse and often incompatible operational data sources. Under the hood, AME expands AWS IoT SiteWise to become the single source of truth and enterprise cloud historian for distributed and siloed SCADA and historian systems.

Query Your Digital Twin for Contextual Metadata

AME is the world’s first industrial IOT platform that enables efficient enterprise wide queries and complex searches on enterprise-wide asset hierarchies and trees maintained at the edge. It provides energy companies the ability to explore assets at granular level, from disparate sources, in near real time and enables a data driven decision making approach with a unified platform across the enterprise.