Asset Catalog Studio

EOT’s Asset Catalog Studio saves industrial customers significant integration costs by keeping the naming of physical operational assets and sensors and their cloud-based digital twin separate. Almost all industrial customers experience the frequent need to alter or standardize operational assets and attribute names due to acquisition or policy changes. In the cloud where a large amount of historical data is used for analytics and machine learning, these names are used in queries, applications, and systems. Name changes in the cloud are big expensive projects with a lot of potential for disrupting production systems.

With the abstraction layer of Asset Catalog Studio, industrial operators can continue to use the attributes, names, and relationships of assets in the cloud while being able to rename physical operational assets.

  • Asset Type Manager: Manage and map lists of asset names with categories (Types).
  • Asset Attribute Manager: Manage and map lists of attributes names across a list of assets and categories (Attributes)
  • Meta Hierarchy Manager: Manage relationships between assets and categories (Hierarchy)
  • Congruency checker
  • Ingest and export Meta Catalog automatically to Cloud Services