AWS and EOT Deliver Operational Monitoring and AI-Optimization of Industrial Assets

Are you on the journey to move away from a traditionally exception-based, reactive monitoring philosophy for your production sites to a proactive and preventative model that spans across all production sites, then an AWS cloud-based, enterprise-wide operational monitoring and AI-optimization will serve you as a future-proof foundation?

That’s why EOT is built on AWS to provide you with a cloud-based, enterprise-wide operational monitoring and surveillance solution allows you to mine data across all operating assets and applying modern data science to create analytical and machine learning models, broader learning is enabled from multiple production assets to reduce individual downtimes and environmental impacts for each asset on an enterprise level. This enterprise view with real-time capabilities provides you with a new level in production efficiencies, cost savings, and reduction in emissions.

EOT’s Twin Talk™ serves as a Data Integration Platform for industrial IoT, bridging the gap between operational systems (OT) and cloud (IT) solutions to unlock the untapped value of operational data. This innovative solution eliminates the complexity and costs associated with traditional infrastructure, enabling executives, operators, data scientists, and business analysts to harness AI, machine learning, and analytics for real-time insights and operational intelligence. Twin Talk streamlines the secure transmission of sensor data from assets into AWS Services such as AWS IoT SiteWise and AWS IoT TwinMaker while maintaining plant safety, allowing companies to focus on enhancing productivity through digitization and driving tangible business value.

EOT’s Industrial Software Platform enables you to integrate your existing SCADA systems and historians into a modern event-driven, real-time analytics and machine learning AWS environment. This is how you capitalize on production, asset, and resource optimizations, as well as cost and emission reductions, with an AWS-cloud-based, enterprise-wide operational monitoring and surveillance solution.