Twin Talk - Data Ingestion and Curation

Offering a simple, secure, and scalable solution for delivering operational data from SCADA systems and historians to the cloud, Twin Talk revolutionizes the way industrial companies handle data. This platform enables cloud-based, event-driven, real-time architectures such as data lakes, mobile monitoring, and surveillance apps, while unlocking valuable insights from analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Energy companies are transitioning from a reactive monitoring philosophy to a proactive, preventative approach that spans across all production sites. By analyzing data from operating assets and applying modern data science techniques, these companies can achieve broader learning, reduce downtimes, and minimize environmental impacts. The real-time capabilities provided by this enterprise-wide view lead to greater production efficiencies, cost savings, and emissions reductions.

The Challenge

The vast potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science to reduce costs and increase productivity has encouraged many industrial operating companies into making significant investments in the latest industrial IoT (IIoT) and automation platforms. Yet, many have been struggling to deliver the substantial value promised to their organizations. Traditional field-based SCADA, historians, and monitoring systems are locally limited and have no internet connection, making them unsuitable for modern analytics and machine learning algorithms. These siloed environments lack the storage capacity and computing power needed for advanced analysis. Without access to this operational data, delivering predictive analytics, intelligent solutions, and providing real-time actionable insights that reduce costs and downtime and improve efficiencies is very hard, if not impossible.

What is Twin Talk?

EOT’s Twin Talk serves as a Data Integration Platform for industrial IoT, bridging the gap between operational systems (OT) and cloud (IT) solutions. It removes the barriers associated with complex, firewalled networks and IT infrastructures, providing secure, scalable access to operational data. Twin Talk empowers digital transformation executives, operators, data scientists, and business analysts to leverage AI, machine learning, and analytics tools for real-time insights and operational intelligence. This platform simplifies the transmission of sensor data from operational assets, allowing companies to focus on delivering productivity through digitization.

By serving as a Data Integration Platform for industrial IoTEOT’s Twin Talk solution creates secure, scalable access channels between industrial operational systems (OT) and cloud (IT) solutions, thus unlocking the unrealized value of operational data. It removes the barriers (cost and work) associated with architecting a complex, firewalled network and IT infrastructure that moves the data from operational environments to the cloud. Twin Talk empowers digital transformation executives, operators, data scientists, and business analysts and their teams to leverage AI, machine learning (ML), and analytics tools and platforms to gain real-time actionable insights and use operational intelligence to reduce costs and downtime and improve efficiencies of their operational assets. With EOT’s Twin Talk, all operational data can be accessed in a secure and coordinated fashion, keeping plant operations safe while delivering tangible business value from modern software solutions. Instead of a complex, time-consuming, and expensive process, Twin Talk is designed to overcome the many security and organizational hurdles to make transmitting sensor data from operational assets as simple as it should be. Twin Talk allows companies to return focus to where it belongs – delivering productivity through digitization.

Use Cases:

  1. Predictive Maintenance
  2. Resource Management and Process Optimization
  3. Production Efficiency and Quality Control
  4. Asset Performance and Production Optimization


Benefits of EOT’s Twin Talk

Twin Talk has immediate impact and consequences for digital transformation executives, operators, data scientists, and business analysts and their teams. Embracing a simple, scalable, and secure data access strategy for new and existing projects offers many benefits, including:

  1. Getting out of POC Purgatory: Twin Talk’s software-defined DMZ gateways shorten innovation and deployment cycles dramatically by cutting the time it takes to get a POC running down to a few days. The ability of rapidly provisioning/de-provisioning secure channels that connect 3rd party cloud-based predictive analytics and other operational efficiency enhancing services to operational sensor data removes a critical barrier and speeds up the delivery timelines for pilot.
  2. Scaling from Pilot to Production: Leveraging Twin Talk’s “no touch” externalization of identity and access management for existing pilots projects a rapid scale-out of the solution across geographical, logical, and organizational boundaries into production environments.
  3. Eliminating cybersecurity risk: Twin Talk’s software-defined DMZ gateways act as virtualized operational systems in the cloud (such as the historians and SCADA systems) thereby eliminating cybersecurity risks to air-gapped OT systems. This allows industrial corporates to cut through layers of internal security “red tape”, which is a source of a great deal of wasted time. Furthermore, Twin Talk provides complete visibility into all data access from OT systems and one-stop monitoring and assurance of secure data access.
  4. Lowering on-going costs: Instead of spending time and money towards changing firewall and IT infrastructure environments, Twin Talk’s simple identity, access, and security manager for cloud/IT applications and operational systems empowers both IT and OT administrators to add or remove access without making changes to existing infrastructure.
  5. Making Sense of Data: Twin Talk’s DMZ gateways understand operational data models and formats and are able to translate, filter, and enrich those complex data models of operational systems into formats that can easily be ingested by cloud-based analytics, machine learning, and AI algorithms in real time.
  6. Delivering Value Faster: Twin Talk allows AI experts and data scientists to securely and efficiently test-drive more AI, ML, and analytics solutions so they can find the best tools and analytics to deliver transformative value to their organizations, as promised by digitization.