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Twin Sight is a simple and flexible visualization dashboard builder application that gives the power to unlock the business value hidden inside the industrial data collected from a variety of industrial systems spread across geographies. This high velocity of time series data needs a primer to make it an asset for predictive business planning and operation. 

Twin Sight reads high-velocity time series data from different Industrial Data Lakes to build a dynamic Visualization Dashboard with the asset tree of nodes as the core of the visualization workflow that constantly retrieves, stores, and allows manipulation of data points queried for different visualization purposes.

Under the Hood

Twin Sight uses Twin Central (a solid asset management framework) built into the Enterprise Network, which feeds Twin Sight with reliable industrial data in real time. Data collected from various data warehouses is then retrieved for visualization by running custom SQL queries corresponding to the database.


User interaction

Twin Sight has a simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to give users a clean yet powerful user experience while building interesting visualization charts from industrial data assets. It starts with choosing the type of Graphing tool for data visualization and moves on with creating custom cards based on the various use cases.

Data Assets fetched from the pre-defined sources, often Industrial Data Lake, and listed as an Asset tree, are classified at the node level. This classification also supports mapping the geographical instances of industrial data assets.

It is even easier to build other Cards using the Twin Sight Dashboard builder to populate new Cards with some SQL queries running against the desired database.

Value of Twin Sight

Digital transformation has changed Data Aggregation practices on the historical time series data collected from business operations. There is an urge to understand data aggregation from a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for business leaders to see the business value behind the scenes of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data streams. 

Use case 1: A plant supervisor who plans to do a quick revamp of the plant resources needs to focus on SSOT and get valuable insights from business systems before making planned decisions directly about the future of plant operations.

Twin Sights helps organize and build a data visualization dashboard sequentially using the data node references taken from the Asset trees for populating fields in any of the SQL queries run inside the Cards.

Use Case 2: An industrial user who wants to see various combinations of the data assets depending on their visualization use cases can create different Cards by running simple SQL queries specifying the column combinations they wish to see on the Card.

Using contextual referencing (on assets nodes) and the multi-state tables, Twin Sight helps analysts build dynamic, customizable, and real-time visualization dashboards using data streams from IIoT Data Lake. Also, Twin Sight allows changing time and date ranges of data assets to create a dynamic time-bound data visualization.

Use Case 3: A geographically spread industrial plant needs to monitor various plant parameters in real-time using spatially connected plant parameters. Contextual referencing keeps data ingestion reliable and relevant, and a multi-state table allows for managing spatially connected parameters from the same dashboard.


Twin Sight is designed to match the future demands of the Industrial Data Lakes’ expanding scale of operation and increased data ingestion rate (the volume and velocity) in the coming days of industrial Digital transformation.

Zero Tech-debt

Twin Sight application has a flawless architecture that keeps up with future demands and stays relevant at all times with less to zero tech debt in the future. The idea of microservices development reduces the tech overhead needed to modify the source code for any further improvements.

Out-of-the-box Data Lake integration

Do more on bringing valuable data insights using analytics and let Twin Sight work behind the scenes to feed any ambitious industrial data needs. It comes with pre-defined integration configurations to Industrial DataLake platforms.

Enterprise scalability

Built on a versatile cloud visualization platform makes scalability at the enterprise level a reality anytime during the lifecycle of using Twin Sight. Scale up without any compromise on the performance of the application in the future.

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