Benefits of IIoT platform

Prior to the advent of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the oil and gas industry faced several major challenges. These challenges spanned various aspects of the industry, including exploration, production, refining, and distribution. The latest addition to that exhaustive list is “Net-zero emissions”.

The adoption of net-zero emissions targets by oil and gas companies is driven by the need to mitigate climate change, meet investor and stakeholder expectations, comply with regulations, foster innovation, and secure long-term business sustainability in a transitioning energy landscape.

The oil and gas industry has faced numerous challenges that have impeded efficiency and productivity. These challenges encompass various aspects of the industry, including exploration and reservoir characterisation, production optimisation, equipment maintenance and failure prediction, safety and risk management, and supply chain and logistics optimisation.

To address these challenges, the industry needed to embrace technological advancements and innovative solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Overall, the lack of advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, and automation capabilities hindered the industry’s ability to extract maximum value from their operations and mitigate risks effectively. The introduction of ML and AI technologies has significantly

addressed these challenges by enabling better decision-making, optimizing operations, predicting failures, and improving safety and risk management in the oil and gas industry.

EOT’s twin-suite™, is a tool that helps organisation achieve these goals and optimizing performance whilst, pushing them towards their “net zero” goals. Revolutionizing data management with its asset-centric approach and single source of truth semantic data model. This innovative solution empowers business technologists in effortlessly creating, map, link, store, and synchronize relationships between assets and their operational, engineering, and financial metadata.

At the heart of twin-suite™ lies a unified relationship graph, enabling a comprehensive view of asset connections. This robust platform facilitates seamless operations such as querying, searching, and navigation, all within a low code environment. Embrace the flexibility to explore both current and historic contextual data models, unlocking valuable insights with ease.

With twin-suite™, you can track the evolution of assets through graph versioning and asset model history. Witness the complete lifecycle of your assets as they transform and adapt, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information at every step.

Say goodbye to fragmented data and welcome a cohesive ecosystem where assets take centre stage. Discover the possibilities that EOT Twin Suite™ offers, empowering you to streamline workflows, make informed decisions, and unlock the true potential of your assets.

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