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Data Lakes are an essential component in the industrial automation space, as it acts as the central repository to store and retrieve real-time time series data from diverse industrial assets. It serves as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for data visualization and to build a reliable Digital Twin of any industry asset.

Unlike traditional data lakes, Embassy Of Things (EOT) Twin CentralTM is flexible in supporting all forms of data (structured and unstructured) ingestion and expands its support for data aggregation from almost all types of databases available in the market.

Industry 4.0 is highly dependent on such robust, low cost and highly flexible data stores to handle high velocity, high variety and large volumes of data dump from IIoT networks. Especially if it is a Giga factory spread across multiple regions and equipped with a large number of resources in the IT/OT networks.

Network Convergence in Manufacturing

An IIoT network typically contains thousands of IoT sensors, in every possible critical plant location, constantly uploading sensor data streams every second to the Data Historians. Any anomalies in the IoT network will disrupt the entire functioning of the automation system, as it is solely dependent on data feeds from the IoT sensors. For this reason, OT networks are isolated from IT networks and allow only secured requests from authorized devices in the IT network.

Modern Giga Factories are growing at a CAGR of 8.2% and will reach approximately $218 billion market cap by 2027 (“Industry Control and Factory Automation Market by Component, Solution, Industry, and Region”). This has created a greater responsibility for Industrial automation solution providers to design efficient systems at pace with the industry demands.

Using EOT Twin Central makes data movement from Operational Technology (OT) network to Information Technology (IT) network easier and safer. With the Twin Talk data exchange platform, data is moved within the Twin Fusion’s Industrial fabric preserving data quality and integrity at all times.

Smart Mining

The most asset heavy mining industry needs a reliable data store to dump and collect data from field sensors fitted on mining trucks running 24/7 at material excavation locations. The cost of mining trucks is so hefty that it needs closer monitoring and less invasive repair to keep its downtime minimal and maximize its tonnage.

A zero anomaly is the ultimate vision for mining site managers to make proactive decisions in correcting mining operations before it becomes a complex problem. EOT Twin Central manages this high velocity data received from IoT sensors on the mining trucks and processes them in real-time to provide a quick insight on the current state of trucks on the field.

Since mining is geographically distributed and it is common to collect, store and analyze data locally, the real-time site monitoring and anomaly detection is a gray area to uncover. For this, a centralized mining operation helps in pro-active fleet management, accident prediction during transit and route planning for the mining trucks improving the overall mining operations.

Mining Data Governance reduces the effort on migration or any redundant ETL tasks using data catalogs that handles data movement and mapping across multiple data stores and networks to create a working centralized mining operation.

Predict Volatility in Oil and Gas

Data Lakes are easily prone to a syndrome called “Data Swamp” (Marcy), and gets naturally unorganized as data gets piled up over time. It is potentially harmful if not addressed in an early stage. Unorganized Data Swamp doubles the ETL time and needs more pre-treatment of the data before performing valuable analytics on the data.

Although “80% of worldwide data will be unstructured by 2025” (Vatter), it is necessary to have a rational organization of data in the Oil and Gas industry to avoid any failures in the future. Here the three key factors behind the failure of Data lakes (Mohd Hilmi Hasan et al. #),

  1. Lack of Governance
  2. Lack of Self-Disciplined Users
  3. Rational Data Flow

EOT Twin CentralTM is an enterprise ready Industrial data operation platform capable of organizing data and improving data quality for better understanding the solution context in predicting the volatility of the Oil and Gas market. Twin Central works with the Twin Talk and Twin Sight to fetch data from data stores and pass it for visualization to create various visual presentations of the industrial data.

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