The utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has witnessed a significant surge in the industrial sectors recently. Traditional physical machines are now transforming into cyber-physical systems, offering numerous benefits. These cyber twins not only enhance the speed and optimization of processes but also minimize downtime and extend the overall lifecycle of operations.


Twin Talk is a cutting-edge Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) designed to establish secure and scalable access channels between industrial operational systems (OT) and cloud-based information technology (IT) solutions. This innovative platform facilitates seamless data sharing and streaming integration across various systems and applications, including OPC servers, SCADA systems, as well as AI, ML, and analytics platforms. Twin Talk’s primary objective is to enable real-time data sharing while minimizing the need for complex data mapping, formatting, augmentation, and metadata adjustments to achieve optimal business outcomes. Additionally, it offers customized monitoring and data pipelining capabilities for advanced data training, empowering users to train models in batch or real-time and exercise control over timers and monitors for conducting data science training.


Twin Talk addresses the challenges associated with secure and efficient data sharing between industrial OT and IT systems. By facilitating real-time data streaming, it empowers users to unlock the untapped potential of operational data while seamlessly integrating AI, ML, and analytics applications, event hubs, or data lakes with OPC/SCADA servers. The platform streamlines the acquisition of sample data, allowing users to explore and identify patterns using advanced analytics methodologies. Twin Talk specializes in data management and provides customized monitoring and data pipelining capabilities for advanced data training.


Internally, Twin Talk employs minimal mapping to create curated datasets, format and augment data, shape data records, and add contextual information and metadata to align with specific business objectives. Furthermore, it allows users to schedule and monitor training data, test batch and real-time data pipelines, and validate results to ensure data integrity and identify potential data loss.


The user experience with Twin Talk involves interactive querying to retrieve tags, their attributes, and values. Users can explore data, leverage advanced analytics techniques for pattern identification, and customize monitoring and data pipelining for advanced data training. Whether training models in batch or real-time, users have the ability to exercise control over timers and monitors to optimize their data science training. Twin Talk enables the testing of batch and real-time trained models through interactive data requests or automated timers, ensuring the validity of results and detecting any potential data integrity issues or data loss.

Twin Talk has been successfully utilized in implementing railway track monitoring systems, where it collects and analyzes a staggering 400 data values per second in real-time. This implementation has proven instrumental in the timely detection of track anomalies and defects using the PI Vision platform.


In summary, Twin Talk serves as a powerful CASB solution that fosters secure and efficient data sharing between industrial OT and IT systems. By unlocking the value embedded within operational data and enabling real-time data sharing, it empowers users with advanced analytics capabilities and customizable data training, resulting in enhanced system performance and informed decision-making. Twin Talk’s real-time data streaming platform has proven invaluable in industries where it has been utilized to detect anomalies and defects in real-time, ensuring optimized operational outcomes.

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