Integrating TwinTalk with Athena for Real-Time Industrial Data Analysis

twin fusion Athena architecture

The ability to harness and analyze the real-time data has become of paramount importance today. It has also become a critical factor for success in the data driven Industry. Businesses are increasingly looking for comprehensive solutions that streamline data sharing and enable seamless integration with the powerful analytics tools. One such groundbreaking solution is TwinTalk. Twin talk is a cutting-edge event-driven data sharing engine developed by the Embassy of Things (EOT). When combined with AWS Athena, this integration offers businesses an unparalleled advantage in harnessing the full potential of their industrial data.

Understanding Twin Talk

TwinTalk stands as an industry-leading real-time data sharing engine. It also provides a dynamic platform for exploring and implementing data pipelines between operational sources and cloud-based analytics systems. TwinTalk is designed to unlock the full business value of industrial data for all stakeholders. From business users to data scientists. This robust solution empowers digital transformation executives, operators, data scientists, and business analysts. Twin talk enables them to leverage AI, machine learning (ML), and analytics tools to derive actionable insights and enhance operational efficiencies.

Challenges in Industrial Data Utilization

Companies usually face numerous challenges, when they try to leverage on their industrial and operational data. Data, locked within closed industrial networks, often proves difficult to access and integrate with modern analytics platforms. Which results in impeding the delivery of predictive analytics and real-time actionable insights. Traditional methods of data transmission and integration are complex, time-consuming and expensive. Which inhibits the companies from capitalizing on the opportunities presented by AI and ML technologies.

Empowering Real-Time Data Analysis with TwinTalk

EOT’s TwinTalk serves as a powerful enabler.  It enables the real-time data streaming integration between OPC servers, SCADA systems, and various AI, ML, and analytics applications. Twin talk presents two strategic approaches for businesses looking to achieve fast, secure, and future-proof solutions for their data integration needs.

Strategy 1: Leveraging Existing Data Lake Architecture

TwinTalk provides a seamless solution by directly connecting siloed operational technology (OT) data systems to analytics applications or platforms in real-time, for companies operating within a ‘batch’ environment. By eliminating the need for data transfer to the cloud, TwinTalk enables immediate data access. It facilitates the delivery of actionable intelligence to operators within seconds or minutes.

Strategy 2: Building Real-Time Streaming Architecture

Twin talk focuses on real-time data processing. The producer-consumer, event-driven engine ensures unified processing of data streams. Which in turn allows both real-time and batch environments to be updated simultaneously. This approach significantly reduces integration complexities and ensures high output and low latency, thereby increasing overall system performance.

TwinTalk’s Real-Time Data Streaming Gateway Architecture

EOT’s TwinTalk boasts a highly scalable, real-time streaming enterprise event bus platform that effectively manages the streaming of real-time data from various PI points/servers to diverse client applications. By providing seamless integration with AI, ML, analytics applications, and event hubs, TwinTalk facilitates a smooth data streaming experience, whether in an on-premise or cloud environment.

Integrating TwinTalk with AWS Athena

The integration of TwinTalk with AWS Athena ensures a smooth flow of data from the PI server to the TwinTalk server, and then to the AWS S3 bucket. The transformed data stored in AWS S3 is subsequently configured to be directly accessible in AWS Athena tables. This streamlined process enables businesses to perform real-time analytics efficiently using Athena’s SQL-based interface.

The High-Level Architecture

The Integration process involves the seamless transfer of data from the data center’s PI server to the TwinTalk server located in the cloud environment. TwinTalk collects data from the PI server and deploys it to AWS S3, with the aid of configured timers,. Finally, the data in AWS S3 is made accessible in AWS Athena tables and allows a seamless and comprehensive data analysis.

Unlocking the Potential of TwinTalk with Athena Integration

The integration of TwinTalk with AWS Athena is a massive stride towards maximizing the potential of industrial data. This integration paves the way for enhanced operational efficiencies, data-driven decision-making, and ultimately, business growth. Twin talk’s seamless real-time data streaming capabilities and robust integration features sets new standards in the world of industrial data analysis and operational intelligence. Embrace the power of TwinTalk and AWS Athena integration today, and unlock the full potential of your industrial data for a more efficient and insightful future.

Twin Sight – visualize and navigate through operational, asset model and analytics insights

Twin Sight is an intuitive, simple visualization tool and dashboard builder that provides fast, easy, and secure access to operational, engineering, transactional real-time data and semantic data. You can visualize operational data and semantic metadata in conjunction with analytics, ML insights for anomaly detection, production optimization, and operation monitoring and optimization across all production sites.

Twin Central – intuitive industrial digital twin builder that provides semantic asset modeling, mapping and management from operational, engineering and transactional metadata sources.

Twin Central is a intuitive approach to create and manage an asset-centric, single source of truth and semantic data model across the enterprise. Twin Central can create digital twin data models that map, connect, link, store, and synchronize relationships between assets and their operational, engineering and financial metadata using a unified digital twin relationship graph. 

Twin Talk – industrial data ingestion, curation, and contextualization platform

Twin Talk is a secure and scalable way to deliver operational data from SCADA systems and historians to the cloud. It enables cloud-based, event-driven, real-time architecture such as data lakes, mobile monitoring and surveillance apps and unlocks valuable insights from analytics, AI and machine learning. Twin Talk can be integrated with existing or new IT environments within weeks with minimal integration work and costs. It transforms a company into a proactive, event-driven enterprise.